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    Take your hum drum daily shower and turn it into an AMAZING experience.

    FEEL Amazing, BE Amazing!

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    About Handmade Soap

    Why Handmade Soap?

    What's so amazing about handmade soap?  Well, the first thing you can't help but notice is the beautiful colors that swirl through the  bars. Then, you pick one up and hold it up to your nose and the smell- -oh, the smell!  The scents are incredible! But then, you take one into the shower (yes, it was so hard to choose just one) and that billowy lather! Made from skin loving oils that nourish and soften your skin.  You envelope your body in luxurious bubbles that go on and on until there's no more hot water.  You towel off and your skin feels clean and refreshed, but not parched.  The clouds part and you can hear the angels singing and.....oops, I'm getting carried away again :)           

    What's In Handmade Soap?

    Every soaper creates his or her unique recipes that make their soap special. From the oils to the fragrances, to the additives like exfoliants or clays, to the colorants.  Blends of oils like coconut, olive, palm, shea butter, walnut, sweet almond, rice bran, grapeseed, avocado, and others have their own unique properties that contribute different amino acids to the soap that makes it last long in the shower, have lots of bubbles, and moisturize the skin.  What it doesn't have is harsh detergents and chemicals that you can't pronounce that are drying to your skin. Of course, all soap contains lye--it's the reaction between lye and the oils that makes soap happen.  All the ingredients are food grade (oils and some additives) and cosmetic grade (everything else).  Pure and simple ingredients you can feel good about using and giving.  

    How Long Does It Last?

    Did I mention that these bars of soap last a long time in the shower?  6 weeks of curing makes a mild bar of soap and lets the water evaporate which also makes the bars harder (plus the right blend of oils, which is a closely guarded secret, shhh...)  so that the soap lasts a long time so you are getting your money's worth.  It all depends on how many people use it.  Just you, or do you share?  How dry it stays between showers, where your soap is located in the shower, etc. That's why I'm not going to quote a number of weeks. I personally am the only user of my soap and my soap shelf is high in my shower. I'm currently using So In Love and it's lasted a month now and looks like it has a couple of weeks to go.  But I did go out of town for a few days and I did try a few samples for a few days....see?  It all that's amazing soap, right?


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    I still work full time so if you have any questions about the soap, shipping, gift ideas, etc., send me an email and I will answer in the evenings. I'd love to hear from you!