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    About the Owner

    I'm Lynette Olsen - Owner and creator of Amazing Soap Company.  A lot of people want to know how I got started in soaping.  Last Christmas my husband bought me a bar of soap made with goat's milk and ground almonds and had a nice almond scent.  He knows I love all things almond!  I loved the soap but not the price and I thought I could make it myself. I love being crafty and one day I was on Pinterest - good ole Pinterest, right? Anyway, I saw a recipe and I made it.  I was hooked from day one!  It's been an incredible journey learning all I need to know about soap making and turning it into a business, but I've loved it every step of the way.

    This is Jamie

    Jamie is the Official Cheerleader of Amazing Soap Company.  Jamie believed in me right from the start.  

    "I have never been so thrilled to write a review as I am to write this one about Amazing Soap Company.  Hi, my name is Jamie and I love all things that smell nice and feel good on my skin.  Unfortunately, I am allergic to many skin care products. This has forced me to use bland  products intended for bells or whistles. Sure, I'm clean but...but...but...  

    "That all changed when I met Lynette.  As a friend, when Lynette asked me to try her soap, I did...because that's what friends do!  Little did I know that this soap would revolutionize my idea of clean! Now, when I take a shower, I'm  getting aromatherapy at the same time!  The best thing?? I'm  NOT allergic to these soaps!!! I can enjoy the luscious lather and heavenly scent AND the fresh clean feeling that follows.

    "I am in love with this product and am thankful that Lynette is so talented at making it. "Amazing" is a fitting name for this soap.  I am a customer for life."

    Actual Customer reviews:

    "I love the soap.  Not only does it do the job but it is so artistic and pretty.  I wish I had gotten more for gifts.  Next time for sure."  - Kathy P.

    "I simply cannot ever live without this soap!!!!"  - Dana B.