It's Fall, Y'all!

Well, it's about time I published another blog post!  I haven't updated the store in a long time so there hasn't been much to write about. Life happens and summer was busy, and yeah. So my daughter Amberly is going to be helping me with some stuff (hopefully) if we can ever be unbusy at the same time to discuss the business.  She's a fan of my soap so that's pretty convenient. That's her in the picture. I got all my Fall soaps made in a relatively short period of time after taking care of my husband following his heart surgery to repair a defective heart valve. Check them out!!

I became more active on Instagram so start following me! Just search for Amazing Soap'll see me.  It's all about working smarter, not harder...I got a lot of stuff figured out with the Shopify so now I'm cooking with gas! I figured out how to send emails with Mail Chimp so sign up for emails so you can get all the latest promos and announcements.  I'm about to put Amazing Soap Company on the map!

Christmas is right around the corner and handcrafted soaps make wonderful gifts because some folks just don't think they deserve to pamper themselves.  But once they try our soaps that are made with skin loving oils that nourish and moisturize, and also form abundant creamy, dreamy lather they will be hooked and thanking you for introducing them.  

Also, once I get the Christmas soaps made I'm going to make whipped sugar soap scrubs, wax melts, lip scrubs, face scrubs, add beard balms and beard oils to the store. Wonderful things are coming so keep checking back!